TRX Workouts for Women At Home

Hey there, Delaney here and today I am going to kick-start my blog with an excellent home workout that is sweeping North America. TRX has grown immensely in the last 2 years and has become one of the most popular workout routines at most gyms.

Well the good news with TRX is that you do not need a gym membership to train suspension and does makes for one of the best home workouts ever and fits in very well with my website theme.

I own my very own TRX suspension trainer kit and absolutely love it. I can workout where ever I want in the house provided that I have a door that either close in my direction or that I can lock. These exercises are excellent for your core and builds great stability. What I also like about training with a TRX is that I am not restricted to just one place.

trx workouts for women at homeIn the warmer months, I enjoy being outside and will attach my suspension straps to a tree or any suitable structure in a park or sports field. Working outdoors is excellent for your well being especially if you do like the outdoors.

What I want to discuss is what are the best TRX workouts for women. You could probably do a search online and find excellent videos of certain workouts. The only problem with this is that you will still need to create your workout routine that you can follow on a regular basis to get results.

Someone that I follow and use is well known suspension training expert, Dan Long. He has created a fantastic workout guide that will take you from beginner to advanced in 8 weeks.

They workouts and exercises are very easy to follow and well explained. First off, you start with the beginner course which is a 4 week training program.

Then you move on to the intermediate, which is another 4 weeks. Every week, you will notice your body feeling stronger and responsive. Yes, because your core muscles are always engaged, you become stronger from within allowing you to push yourself each week.

TRX Exercises for Women at GymThe advanced level is an 8 week program with some crazy exercises that you will think is insane. But once you have done the beginner and intermediate, the advanced level is a lot of fun and you will never get bored.

Dan has included finisher exercises which you can add to your routine as extra workouts to intensify your exercises. He has a very active YouTube Channel with many videos on new exercises that he constantly releases. These are great to change up your workouts.

I have found that because you are training your core, your results will come a lot faster. According to Dan Long, you are engaging over 600 different muscles in your body when you train TRX over using tradition gym machines. Another important fact is that because you are using your own body weight as resistance, you are not adding any extra stress to your joints with weights.

Once you start to feel stronger, you can increase your intensity by changing the position of your body. Remember that you are using the force of gravity, so the more inclined that you are, the more resistance you will feel.

I hope that this article was useful and informative and I highly recommend that you try TRX suspension training by Dan Long. You can read more about TRX here.