These UNIQUE Exercises ACTIVATE Your Core and Shrink Your Waistline FAST

Have you heard of the NEW ab training technique called a Core Activation Sequence yet? To be honest I hadn’t either, until just the other day when my friend Tyler introduced me to the brilliant Dr. James Vegher.

Dr. Vegher originally designed these unique exercises to help patients with chronic neck and back pain and Tyler (who was a patient of his) ended up discovering that they worked even better for quickly shrinking your waistline and taking you from flabby belly to a slim waist and toned or even 6-pack abs!

YOU should definitely read this page if:

  • YOU Have an unsightly pouch belly or ugly beer gut that you can’t seem to get rid of
  • YOU have back, neck, shoulder or hip pain and can’t seem to find a way to make it stop
  • YOU have terrible posture and nothing seems to help
  • YOU are a personal trainer or avid fitness fan looking for the most cutting edge ab training info on the planet
  • YOU desperately want to see toned or even 6-pack abs but don’t know where to start
  • YOU are interested in learning what a Core Activation Sequence is and what it can do for you

What is Core Activation Sequence?

This is a series of exercises that targets the core to help strengthen and develop your body’s own stabilizing muscles. Have you ever watched a baby lie on its back and lift their legs? This is the base of this sequence.

By working your core, you are engaging all the muscles in your body and there are over 600 muscles that work when building your core. 0-6 Pack Abs Review discusses more about the program in general and the benefits, but we are going to discuss building your core muscles.

When you build up your core, your body becomes stronger overall resulting in much better gains when either trying to lose weight, burn fat or building muscles. Having a stronger core helps you achieve  your goals much quicker.

We take it for granted on how we should look after our body and many people do not focus on their core. There are very simple exercises that you can do to build up your core strength. I am going to share one with you right now that you can do everyday.


plankingPlanking is one of the easiest and best ways to build up your core strength and this will take you a few seconds per day to do.

Place yourself flat on the floor on your belly. Instead of doing a pushup, keep your elbows on the floor and lift your torso up tightening your butt and keeping your back straight. Do this for 20 seconds on the first day. You will start to tremble!

Build this up daily by starting with 20 seconds for 2 days then 25 then 30. Progress every 2 days and you will start to feel and immediate difference.

Balance Ball

exercise ballUsing the balance ball is another way to engage your core and another simple yet effective exercise that you can do is simply sitting on an exercise ball with your feet firmly on the floor.

Keep your back straight at all times.

Raise your arms up on either side to shoulder height.

Now rotate slowly to the left. Back to the center and over to the right. Do this slowly while keeping your core engaged. You should start feeling your abs working trying to keep your body stabilized as you rotate from side to side.

These above mentioned exercises, work your core thus building strong abdominal muscles. Your torso will be strengthened and you will start feeling much better. This is also very good for your posture.

Tyler Bramlett’s new 0 to 6 Pack Abs program is a great resource that will help you shed the fat and activate your core and is a must if you want to learn how to achieve a healthier and stronger body that will result in rapid fat loss and fitness results.

Head over to blog and read an indepth review of this program.